Deep Dive: What is Scheduled Submit for individual use?

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At Expensify we believe in putting the power in the hands of the user. Even if your company has decided not to use Scheduled Submit, you can still use this option yourself.
Or, if you are a sole trader, or just Joe Bloggs tracking your own personal expenses, you can use Scheduled Submit to keep your expenses tidy.
Scheduled Submit does two things: Adds expenses to the most recently edited report (if one does not exist, it will create it), and submits or closes that report with the frequency you choose.

For users of Group Policies

If your organisation does not use Scheduled Submit, you can set this up under your Individual policy > Reports. If your Default Policy is set to your Group Policy, the Scheduled Submit will create reports under that policy and submit them with the frequency you choose.

For Individual users

Scheduled Submit will still create reports, but instead of submitting them, it will close them. If you have a Submit plan, it will also send a copy to the person you submit to before closing the report.
Why would I want my reports to Close, you may ask? Think of 'Closing' your reports as protecting them from changes. If you import expenses from a credit card then you delete that card, your expenses will be deleted unless they are Closed. People do this accidentally on a regular basis! By Closing off your reports, you are locking them. You can still reopen if needed!

Frequency Options

There are five different options for Scheduled Submit, each with its own merits. What you choose will depend on your needs:
  • Daily - This will submit (or close) a Report every day around 7pm PDTYou probably don't want to use this as you will end up with many reports, and if you are on a Group Policy you may drive your Admin completely barmy.
  • Weekly - This will submit (or close) a Report every Sunday evening.
  • Twice a Month - AKA Fortnightly for those outside the US! This will submit (or close) a Report around the 15th and the last day of each month.
  • Monthly - This option will prompt you to select which day of the month.
  • By Trip - This will automatically create and submit a report for each flurry of activity you have.
  • Manually - This will create a report but not submit or close it.
It's important to know that the timing for these report submissions is US Pacific Time (that's California time), and the Scheduled Submissions kick off around 7pm. So if you have yours set to Weekly, and you are in Australia, that's not going to be 7pm on your Sunday night, it's going to be Monday around lunchtime.
Because LOTS of companies submit monthly, our server will start processing at 7pm PDT, but you may find that depending on what order it processes in, your own report does not submit until 10pm PDT. 


It's super important to be aware that Scheduled Submit is automation, not arcane magic! If your expenses have anything wrong with them e.g. missing receipts, missing coding, incorrect coding, are flagged as duplicates or any other no-nos, they will not submit automatically. The only time it will submit automatically, even with a violation, is if the expense includes a Description. 
When Scheduled Submit doesn't submit due to violations, an additional report will be created to hold these naughty expenses, and you will need to fix them. If you don't fix them, you may end up with a stack of non-conforming expenses held back. Even if you do fix them, you may get two expense reports where you only wanted one.
So to prevent having waaaay too many expense reports, I recommend you add in a little proactivity. Add a reminder in your calendar for one day before your submission date, to spend 5 minutes fixing up expenses. We will also email you every Sunday (or Monday for Aussie) to remind you what needs to be fixed. 
With Scheduled Submit set up correctly, and you being a teensy bit proactive, your expenses will stay well organised!
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