Deep Dive: FinancialForce PSA/SRP: Multi-Currency

Christina Dobryzynski
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If you're using FinancialForce PSA/SRP, you'll likely have an employee traveling who will submit an expense in a currency other than the group policy default currency.

When exporting to FinancialForce PSA/SRP you may see up to three different currencies on the expense report. Let's clear up what you might in preparation for when it happens!
  1. The Summary Total Reimbursement Amount currency is derived from the currency of the project selected on the expense.
  2. The Amount field on the Expense line is derived from the Expensify policy currency (aka the default currency at Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Reports.
  3. The Reimbursable Amount on the Expense line is derived from the currency of the resource with an email matching the report submitter.