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Deep Dive: Is a direct connection the best option?

Amanda DeWitt
Amanda DeWitt Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 83 Expensify Team
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Connecting your personal or company card to Expensify is a great way to get all your expenses into your account. Once imported, you can then SmartScan the appropriate receipt and we will automatically merge that receipt with the card transaction! 

This definitely beats manually entering those expenses!

That being said, is this really the best option? If we currently have a connection with your bank, definitely!

Our most popular and stable current connections are:
When you connect your card to Expensify, the transactions will show up in your account under the Expenses page once the transactions reach a posted state.

You'll notice that any transaction imported from a personal card shows a small card icon next to it. Alternatively, if your card is imported centrally by an Admin, the card icon will also include a lock, this indicates it is a company card expense.

Not only will SmartScanned receipts automatically merge up to your imported card transactions, transactions $75 and less will also generate an eReceipt!

eReceipts are a great perk for connected cards! eReceipts are full digital replacements of their paper equivalents for purchases of $75 or less. This means you can ignore paper receipts entirely, no typing and no SmartScanning required. eReceipts are only provided for automatically imported transactions that are in US Dollars.

Though, one downside is we are unable to generate an eReceipt for any lodging merchants. So make sure to SmartScan these receipts and we'll take care of the rest! :D

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