ExpensifyApproved! How do I explain and setup the Expensify Card for clients?

Matt Cole
Matt Cole Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Posts: 69 Expensify Team
The guide is intended to guide Expensify Approved! users on how to explain the Expensify Card to clients that may be interested. 

How to explain the card:

The Expensify Card is a charge card that is settled on a daily-basis and connects seamlessly with Expensify. After every swipe, transactions import immediately into Expensify and the cardholder receives an instant app notification to add a receipt or expense details. For most purchases, you won’t even need paper receipts because the card automatically generates digital IRS-compliant eReceipts. Smart limits can be set for each Expensify Card, giving a company tight controls over company spend. This also encourages cardholders to submit their expenses as they’re incurred. Lastly, the Expensify Card is free for all Expensify customers – no fees, penalties, commitments, or personal liability!

Most important features to highlight:

How do I get the Expensify Card for my client?

We accept customers of all shapes and sizes. Expensify underwrites the card, so we offer company spend limits based on our risk model. In order for a client to get started with the Expensify Card, they’ll need to:

  1. Claim the client’s domain

  2. Connect a Business Bank Account 

  3. Then, define Smart Limits for the Expensify Cards 

Once the card is activated, the client will be provisioned credit cards and will have access to start spending. 

Have any specific questions? Feel free to write into Concierge and we are glad to assist with questions or vetting clients.