Deep Dive: Understanding custom export templates and formulas

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Need to get your data from Expensify and into your accounting system?   
Want a deep analysis of your company expenses?
Looking for a nice consolidated report of expenses to share with your accountant?

If we don't have a direct connection to your accounting system, as long as it accepts a CSV file, you can easily import your expense data.  Create an export that is customized to suit your accounting system needs right in your policy which gives your company admins access to it!  Create this by navigating to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Export Formats -

When thinking about analyzing the data, anyone that is part of a group policy already has access to 6 default export formats which include some very in-depth details.

If there's too much information or something missing, go ahead and create your own export.  When an export is created under your Individual policy settings, no one else will have access to it.  Create this by navigating to Settings > Account > Preferences - then scroll to CSV Export Formats -

Once the end of the year comes, people start thinking about taxes!  With Expensify, you can easily create a consolidated file of expenses.  If you really don't need all the details of each expense but are looking for a report that shows only the category totals, check out the default Category Export report.  If you do need all the expense details, but still what category totals, you can either run both reports (the Category and Detailed Exports) or use your spreadsheet program and enable subtotals.

Now that you have an idea of what you need and what should be included in your export, it's time to get to work!  Within the following pages, you will find the formulas that are available to you.  Use these to create an export that works best for you!

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