Feature Request: Bulk Add Attendees & Gcal Integration / Import

Hi folks,

I am a long-time employee of my company and have various professional and community expenses on a recurring monthly basis. 

Our policies for "off-site events" have fairly low PP thresholds, and the difficulty here is events that I pay for from my credit card for reimbursement can have anywhere from 20-200 employees attend.

This basically makes the attendee tracking un-usable in a practical / time investment sense. Tracking 5-6 expenses with 50+ attendees each (mind you, largely the same attendees from event to event) is too much of a pain. 

  • Allow for a comma-separated list of attendees to be pasted into a "Bulk Add" attendees workflow. This would allow me to export a list from an email, calendar event, etc to then match against the records/users who are part of my policy. 
  • Enable a Google Calendar integration: For importing attendees, descriptions, etc, this could allow me to do what I am doing manually to be automated by a click in Gcal or from Expensify.
  • Allow for a simple bulk list of names to be uploaded and matched. Sometimes, we don't have the last names, and it's our Expensify instance that has a mixture of Policy members by Full name or only by email string. This makes it very painful to guess and check each attendee, with slack / Gmail open to individually check the person's name/full name/email string, etc. 

Please do help with these issues!

The UI clearly has catered to users with a few simple expenses to do it quickly (just found Bulk Receipt editing the other day, game changer!). Please ensure users with more complex/large/many attendee seats also have some feature development as well!

Thank you!