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JamesTaylorlycos Expensify Customer Posts: 1
We are a company that will be using Tsheets with individual QB Companies. I read that expensify works with TSheets now - Can I get more details on this.

Now this issue I have is we need a Demo of how expensify works through tsheets to multiple desktop companies.

Next we have 7 different company using QB Enterprise Desktop that we will need to connect specifics users too to track the expenses in each business. Only to be compounded by multiple credit cards for a few people.

It's crazy that I can't talk to someone to solve the dilemma I am in. Is it possible for a sales rep or a support person can contact me.    


  • Rachael Hopkins
    Rachael Hopkins Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 904 Expensify Team
    Hi @JamesTaylorlycos Welcome to the Expensify Community!
    Expensify has had an integration with TSheets for a number of years now. 
    I can't see that you have been in contact via email as yet, but emailing Concierge is the best way to get the ball rolling with our sales team (concierge@expensify.com).
    It's quite simple to set up each customer with a Domain that imports their company cards, and assign to their users, and also set up a Policy for each company and connect it to a different QuickBooks company file.
    Have a read through of those guides, and let me know if you have any set-up questions! You may also find the webinars useful.