How/where do I manage/change policies?

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I've been unable to reimburse on reports, even though I could when I first started using Expensify. The differences between then and now are: the policy name on the successful reports is "(not shared)" and on the unsuccessful ones is "(none)," however I can't select or change the policy on my reports. The successful reports say from me and to me, but the unsuccessful reports only say from me.

When I create a New Report, the default is a new (none) policy and there's nowhere to change it. My only submission option is to submit to myself, and when I receive it in an email, I can take no action on it. Searched help and couldn't find anything useful about managing policies. It used to take just a click to reimburse - what happened? Help!


  • Aussiebandit
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    @Susie_B_Bot - so you could see policies in the top right hand corner of your reports before? Are you an Admin? if so you can go to the Admin menu and see all the policies and check out if you are part of them. Sounds funny that you have successful reports that are not shared. Do you see any policies from your account settings menu?

  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @Susie_B_Bot - It sounds like you were once a member of a policy, which grants the option to reimburse reports, but that is no longer the case.

    If the policy for a previous report shows "not shared" this means that the policy the report was submitted under no longer exists, or you're no longer a member.

    A policy is required in order to reimburse reports, as reports must flow through the workflow and be final approved before they can be reimbursed. If you do not see policies listed in the dropdown that Aussiebandit shared, you may no longer be a paying user of Expensify.

    For more information on policies and the features they offer, check out our help doc here. Thanks!