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I am new to expensify. Tried it out in order to generate expense reports in order to have the reports and structured data (Excel report) made available to the accounting system.
As we use Sharepoint for a lot of different things and automations in our company, I was wondering if there is a Sharepoint integration with expensify. Would be great if Sharepoint could just check if there are new expense reports and excel reports available and just throw these files into a dedicated Sharepoint file library. Can you help out on this issue. Otherwise I am pretty much impressed by the ease of compiling these expense reports and sending e-mails to the expense reports.
If this integration is possible, I am sure I'll bring more people from my company to expensify, may be even customers. We are an accounting firm and out of pocket / credit card expenses are one of the areas our clients have to spend a lot as we, as accountants, spend a lot of time arranging, filing and documenting their expenses before we bring them into the accounting system. If we could offer them a tool like expensify, they would be able to control / approve and provide structured data to us.
Thank you very much in advance for your reply.
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