Member getting Admin option but not listed as a member

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We have a member of staff who when they log in to expensify are getting a message that their trial has finished and enter cc details. The staff member is in the role of employee so not sure why she is getting this come up. We SAML to log into our account etc. Any help would be much appreciated.


  • Julia
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    This happened to us as well when we rolled out Expensify, but found that some of our employees had at one point used or tried Expensify on a personal basis with their work email.
    If they log onto Expensify, they should go to their Admin tab. From there, it will list all policies available to them. They can select the red trashcan icon to delete/remove the old policy that their email is tied to.

  • Sheena Trepanier
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    @Expensify_gsa1 - @Julia is spot on!

    The most common cause of this confusion is because an employee has tried Expensify previously, and created a policy of their own.

    From the Inbox task asking for a billing card, employees can use the 'Downgrade' option to remove their policy and any billing due. The other option is to click on their 'Admin' tab and then, as Julia suggested, and use the red trash can icon to downgrade.

    If you're still seeing members struggling with this, I'd love to help via email so we can take a closer look at those employees. Please reach out to if you'd like to chat via email.