Domain Control - Multiple Domains, Same User

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I have multiple domains, which for the most part separate my users. I have a few employees that belong to multiple domains. Since we are using the credit card feed option based on the domain, how can I have 1 employee listed on multiple domains?

They do have an email address for each domain (ie:,

Is there a way to say that is the same person as


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @RedBaron. The way you'd achieve this, is by having each employee add their email as a secondary login to the Expensify account.

    However, if you've already validated both domain1 and domain2 in Expensify, the users won't be able to add domain2 as a secondary login any longer. This is due to the restrictions that domain control places on accounts using the domain email.

    Additionally, if needs to have a credit card assigned to them in both domains, they would need to manually toggle their account's primary email address to match the domain you want to assign the card from.

    It would probably be best to discuss this in an email thread so we can chat some more about account specifics. I am going to reach out to you shortly via email with the same information I shared above. Thanks!

  • haley_exsted1
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    can you reach out to me about this through chat?