Public Receipt Visibility disabled for new accounts

Sheena Trepanier
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In November 2019 we introduced a change to make receipt images more secure in Expensify. Based on customer feedback we rolled back this change and revisited the use cases of many customers to determine the best solution for moving forward with increased receipt security.

Starting March 3, and continuing through March 9, 2020, we will begin turning Public Receipt Visibility back on. This time around, you will find the ability to enable and disable receipt visibility in the Personal and Group policy settings by heading to Settings > Policies > Individual or Group > [Policy Name] > Expenses > Expense Basics.

  • For all existing customers, your receipt visibility will be set to Enabled where receipts are viewable by anyone with the URL. 
  • For new customers, your receipt visibility will be set to Disabled by default where you must be an Expensify user with access to the report a receipt is on to view it.

You can find additional resources for this feature in the help docs linked below. If you have questions about it, please feel free to reach out to or post on this thread!