How do I use expensify with quicken and reconciling bank statements?

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I do the billing in a small dentist office. There are 3 people that do purchasing for the business. It is a receipt/bank statement nightmare. I would like to use Expensify for scanning the receipts. I have loaded it on all the staff's phones and instructed them to scan every receipt. However, when I import the monthly bank statement into Quickbooks, I am not sure how to integrate Expensify into the process of reconciling the month???


  • Stephanie Elliot
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    Hey @SpudMuffin, welcome to the Community 👋

    Have you connected your Group policy to QuickBooks yet? That will be the first step you want to take and will allow you to export the coded expenses to QuickBooks and reconcile them with the bank transactions.

    Here's how it will work: when you connect your policy to QuickBooks, you'll have the opportunity to import your COA into Expensify. When staff SmartScan their receipts, they'll apply the appropriate coding to their expenses. When the expenses are approved and exported to QuickBooks, they'll retain that coding and can be matched with the transactions from the bank register.

    Are you having trouble making the initial connection to QuickBooks, exporting reports, or are you not sure what to do with the expenses in QuickBooks after they're exported? Once we know exactly where the trouble is, we can help get you sorted.

    Here are some resources that might help in the meantime: