Expensify-NetSuite Integration Error

IreneNS Expensify Customer Posts: 1

Hello there,

Im a NetSuite Consultant and I am working with a customer with NS-Expensify integration.

They are getting below error with the integration:

"Error Creating Employee: Your current role does not have permission to access this record"

Would like to check which permission should we be looking at to add?

Thank you.


  • Leslie Rodriguez
    Leslie Rodriguez Expensify Customer, Expensify Team Posts: 51 Expensify Team

    Hi There! Thanks for writing in!

    Take a look at this community page to troubleshoot the NetSuite error "You Do Not Have Permissions to Set a Value for Element".

    Alternatively, I'm wondering if your credentials are not the master credentials. If the above link does not solve the issue, please write in to support at Concierge@expensify.com, where we can review specific details of your account.

    I'm happy to answer questions as they come up, please to not hesitate to reach out. Cheers!