Using Expensify Between Two Quickbooks Accounts

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Hi there,

I'm new to using Expensify and want to make sure I get the most out of the integration before completing the setup. I have tried to search on the community site but haven't found much on my particular issue. I am a consultant with my own independent LLC. I utilize QBO as my accounting package. I am currently subcontracting on a few projects with a fellow consultant who owns her own consulting company and also utilizes QBO. She has extended an invite to me in order to submit expense reports under her policy as she is the primary billing company for the project. I have a few questions around this situation.

  1. Can I create my own Expensify account and link the two so that I can keep an accurate account of expenses in my own accounting system?
  2. If this is possible, how do I ensure that only the expenses that I want shared are shared with the primary consultant and not the rest of my accounting information?
  3. If I can't create an intermediary integration, what is the best suggestion for keeping track of the expenses in QBO? Create an invoice and manually mark as paid when the check comes in or just record the individual expenses in my own QBO accounts and not mark them as billable?

If any of that is unclear, please let me know and I'd be happy to elaborate but I didn't want to write a novel here if I could help it. Thanks!


  • Zany Renney
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    Hi Spencer,

    Sorry to hear you couldn't find what you need on the Community.

    1. When you say "link to two", do you mean link your account to hers, or simply join her Policy? If you join her Policy via the Policy link you will be "linked" to her Policy and be able to submit Expense Reports to her. If you actually want her to have access to your account (which would enable her to take actions within your account on your behalf), you should look into utilising our Co-Pilot feature. However, with both these options, the Expense Reports will then be mapped to her accounting integration and not to your own.
    2. If you join her Policy, you are just sharing your Reports which contain your Expenses, your personal banking information is not shared with the Policy Admin. I am not totally clear on exactly what you mean by "accounting information" - could you clarify what type of information it is you are referring to?
    3. It sounds from this question, like you would benefit from setting up your own Accounting Integration with QBO. I don't know what you mean by "intermediary integration" though. As your needs seem a little niche, I would encourage you to write in to Before doing this - I would encourage you to read this help doc as a QBO 101 so that you can understand the various options that are available to you. This way we can best help you to set this up for your needs!

    Thanks for reaching out.