New feature: Set your Time Zone for Report History and Comments

Matt Moore
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We have released a small but powerful product change that will make the actions you take on reports more relevant and the timing of those actions easier to trace

By using regional location data, Expensify now stores your time zone in your Account Preferences. We also allow you to set one manually. So wherever you are, we’ll be time-stamping your report actions on your time. This way, you’ll be able to have a better sense of when submissions or approvals happened, and we’ll be able to troubleshoot errors more easily.

And, when you use our handy Generate PDF feature in the Report window, we’ll pick the submitter’s time zone to display. Nice!

“Do I need to do anything then?”, I hear you ask? Well, just like your phone’s clock when daylight savings swings around: we got you! Because the submission of location data is automatic, we’ll update your time zone and, in turn, make sure any report actions are stamped properly. If you’d rather stick to one time zone all year round (there’s no place like home, after all), you can find this new setting in Settings > Account > Preferences > Time Zone

It’s searchable too! Type in your location to narrow down the results and leave the box unchecked to set a manual Time Zone. 

Please note that your time zone influences your Report Comments only and, unless you’re a Copilot, you can’t set another user’s time zone for them.

Search the Community and ask a question, or reach out to Concierge if you need more information!

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