Report names and export columns changed from Email to name since upgrade

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Hi there
I have a slight problem I'm hoping to fix. I had set it up with formulas so that all of our report names default to our user's front part of their email. Since the upgrade, it now has their full name instead of their email, and as a result is just grabbing their first name. It does this for both their defaulted expense report names and anything I have on an export report.

A) How do I get the email back? I wrote a lot of scripts and reporting through our back end systems that relies on this so I am desperate to have it back.

B) If I can't get the email back, is there a better script formula I could use so that it at least includes their first name and last name instead of just their first name? (or better yet, concatenates their first initial with their last name?)

I've included examples below of how I currently have my report default titles set up.

Expense report title script:
{report:submit:from|frontPart} Reimbursable Expenses {report:startdate} to {report:enddate}. {report:achreimburse}
Corp Credit Card Statement Reporting title script:
{report:submit:from|frontPart} Corporate Credit Card Report, {report:enddate:MMMM} {report:submit:from:customfield2} {report:card}

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    Hi Julia, I ran into this problem too this week. I found in the upgraded export field docs that you need to change {report:submit:from} to {report:submit:from:email}. So in your case you'd need to change {report:submit:from|frontPart} to {report:submit:from:email|frontPart} to get the part of the submitter's email address before the @ symbol.

    Would have been nice to get some sort of notice about the change, or better yet not break existing export fields. :/