Deep Dive: Who can view a vendor invoice and pay a company bill?

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Receiving vendor invoices and paying company bills in Expensify is a quick and easy method to keep track of what’s paid, what’s due, and what’s late — all in one place. 

Let's go over who will receive vendor invoices and who can pay company bills in Expensify.

Who receives a vendor invoice?

Vendor invoices are sent to the Primary Contact for your domain.

This is the email address listed at Settings > Domains > [Domain Name] > Domain Admins.

Who can view a vendor invoice?

At this time, only the primary contact of the domain. It's an option for the primary contact to manually “share” the Invoice under the Details section of the report (see screenshot below).

Or, grant other users co-pilot access to his/her account.

Who can view the vendor bill?

Both the primary domain contact and all policy admins of the same domain can view the bill.

Who can pay the vendor bill?

The primary domain contact (owner of the bill) will be able to Pay the bill. Anyone with copilot access to the primary domain contact's account can also pay the bill.

Please note: we currently only support payments for users paying in USD.

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