BLM is for politics

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I am totally offended that you take a political position as a business, have you asked yourself or your company why the Obama administration didn't handle "systemic racism" while in office? They had 8 years to do something about it. Systemic means that it takes long periods of time. Why are you bringing up this issue now, before an election? In poor taste for a company. Political opinions may be offending your customers.


  • Lauren Schurr
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    Hi @CitizenA - Thanks for reaching out!

    We're a team that's deeply dedicated to our values, and one of those values is that we believe in the equitable treatment of everyone regardless of race, creed, gender, age, or sexual orientation. Our homepage is a reflection of us expressing those values. We appreciate your right to free speech and realize this is a very complicated issue that won't be solved by nominal gestures alone. Similar to how we respect your free speech, we hope you respect ours as well.

    Take a look at this conversation our CEO had with another user so that you can more closely review the reason for Expensify’s stance against systemic racism and our motivation for supporting a movement that amplifies Black voices.

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    @Expensify - There's no problem with you expressing your values in words because practically everyone agrees with your written statement. But no, you allowed some ignorant uninformed libtard to instead use the name of a marxist organization as some form of shorthand. As a result, you pissed a lot of people off. And you owe us all an apology.

  • Kadie Alexander
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    Kia ora @davidb77380! Welcome to the Community and thank you for sharing your thoughts on our expression of support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

    As @Lauren Schurr has previously mentioned, we are a team that is deeply and unapologetically dedicated to our values of diversity and inclusion. In addition to the conversation she shared, I recommend reading Expensify's official response to the feedback we have received regarding our support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Thank you again for taking the time to reach out to us!

    Ngā mihi nui,


  • Aaron1801
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    Why do we talk about BLM as if we all didn't turn on the news every night for weeks to watch BLM absolutely destroy black neighborhoods and in some cases, murder other blacks? Many blacks don't even like BLM. It's time to clarify in all our messaging that we acknowledge that black lives absolutely matter, but the political movement BLM is dangerous and hurting blacks.