Configuration of the NetSuite - Expensify connection

bodaw117 Expensify Customer Posts: 4

Hello, I'm trying to setup the connection to NetSuite. I have a bundle installed, policy setup, all the categories, but I face 2 issues at the moment, when trying to export.

1) the New Employee is created even when it already exist in netsuite (with defined email address) how do I setup the correct mapping (fx based on email)? it create a duplicate employee at the moment which cannot be merged.

2) when trying to import to duplicate employee I receive error: You entered "ERROR: Invalid Expression" into a field where a numeric value was expected. Please go back and change this value to a number.

in the webservise usage log is no entry, so it is happening on the expensify however I have no clue which field, can you advise me where to find the incorrectly configured field?

Thank you