How can I manage expenses coming from a business and personal card?

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Hi there -
I've just started using Expensify today - it looks really good. I have one quick question that I need help on, and wondered if anyone could advise....

I have my own business and spend expenses on a work card (which I don't need reimbursing for, just recording the receipts) and also on a personal card (which I do need reimbursing for).

Is there a way that I can mark these two different types of expenses, and just set up payment from my work bank account to my private account for the personal expenses?

Thanks so much in advance for any help.



  • TinaG
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    Hi Andrea;
    An efficient way to do this is to set a card feed in Expensify for each of the cards. This way the work card, which is non-reimbursable, will come through without the "reimbursable" box not checked. The feed from the personal card will come over with the "reimbursable" box on the expense checked. Both types of expenses can be on the same expense report, and you will see two totals at the top right hand side for the total amount of the report, and then the reimbursable amount right under that.

  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hello @andrea_marie, I just wanted to clarify that you will not be able to submit, approve and reimburse your own reports. In order to use ACH reimbursement in Expensify, a second account on the policy must approve your report before you can reimburse it.

    If you have further question, let us know!