Three ways to receive your company bills in Expensify!

Christina Dobryzynski
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In addition to receiving your company bills directly from your vendors, you can directly send bills you receive to Expensify! 

• Any company employee can upload bills directly on the Reports page of the web app.

• Any company employee can forward electronic bills to [email protected].

Who should use bill pay?

Any business that wants to track, approve, and pay bills in one place.  

How is this helpful?

Never miss a bill with numerous options to receiving company bills in Expensify: directly from a vendor, uploading it yourself, or forwarding an email. 

Bills can be paid via Check, ACH (US only) and credit/debit card payment.

Where can I learn more?

What if I have additional questions?

Ask in the Community here or send concierge a chat within your mobile/web app!