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Hi everyone. I am just discovering Expensify and trying to decide whether it would be suitable for our workflow. I am currently responsible for filing everyone expenses in the form of PDF, with the scans of the physical receipts. My main pain is scanning everyones receipts, so I would love an app that would allow me to photograph, sort by the employee and then keep all the receipts in separate files, so I can collate all images in one PDF file and send them to external accountants. Is something like this even doable on Expensify? Many Thanks


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hello @Boobookhan, welcome! Using Expensify should help you take a lot of the work out of submitting expenses for your team.

    With the Expensify mobile app, you could quickly snap photos of receipts and upload them. We'll SmartScan the receipt populating the merchant, date and amount for you.

    You can add those receipts to a report in Expensify and once the month is through you can export the report as a PDF. Additionally, you could also send the report, with a PDF attached, directly to the email of the external accountant.

    You can find more step by step instructions on the info above in our Help Center, but I've pulled together some specific links that should help!

    Mobile app
    Exporting a PDF
    Creating a report