Deep Dive: Concierge's Prompts to Increase Your Annual Subscription

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Concierge compares the number of people actively using Expensify in your Group policies, with the number of Annual Subscription users you have committed to, and suggests opportunities to reduce your cost of using Expensify.

Concierge will calculate the savings by finding the difference between the median number of users active in policies you own, and your current Subscription Size. If there are more active users than Annual Subscription users, Concierge multiplies this by the price difference for a Pay-Per-Use and an Annual Subscription user, and then multiplies that by 12 months. This gives an estimate of how much you can save by increasing your subscription size - not including discounts such as the Expensify Card bundle discount

For example, if your median number of active users in the last four months is 14, and your Annual Subscription Size is 12 on a Control Group policy plan, then that would be:

2 users * $18 * 12 months = $432 estimated savings

If you do opt to increase your subscription size, you will start a new 12-month commitment for the new subscription size in full. You can increase your subscription size manually or enable Auto Increase Subscription Size (in the web app, by going to Settings > Policies > Group > Subscriptions) to increase and extend your subscription to 12 months if you would otherwise pay the Pay Per Use price.

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