Education series #3 -- Sharing your ideas on the Expensify Community

Sheena Trepanier
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Hello again! So far we’ve covered how to get started in the Community and how to create a quality Q&A post. Another important aspect of the Community is the ability to share the ideas you have for what could make Expensify even better!

We offer a category just for these ideas that is a little different than our traditional Q&A categories. In the Idea category, you’ll create posts that other Expensify users can vote on to show their support for a feature.

By voting on Ideas that are important to you, and leaving a few details about how your team would use the proposed functionality, we can build a case for adding it to our roadmap.

Creating a good idea post is important to gain traction and encourage others to lend their support. Some things you can do to help make your idea a successful one are below.

  • Post to the Idea category.
  • Include a clear title.
  • Lay out the difficulty you’re having in Expensify and how the proposed functionality/solution would solve it.
  • List any important information you want other users or our team to know about how your idea works.
  • If you have any alternatives to your idea feel free to include them.
  • Ask for other users to share their thoughts and upvote your idea.
  • Share it with other members of your team so they can use the Community to show their support.

A good idea, backed by support from other Expensify users, has the very real chance to land on our roadmap. We’d love to hear the ideas you’ve been saving up so please share!


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