How-to: Set a policy default business bank account and reimburser

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Once your business bank account is set you in your account settings you can link it to your policy and set a default reimburser.

Setting a default business bank account

To set the policy's default reimbursement account navigate to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Reimbursement. Once here, if you haven't already, enable Reimbursement (toggle it to green) and you will have an option to set a default business bank account.

Setting a default reimburser account

Just underneath that you will have the option of setting a default reimburser. Please note that you can only select an admin who has set up or has been shared on a withdrawal account within Expensify.

Why set a default reimburser?

The main benefit of being defined as the "reimburser" in the policy settings is that this user will receive notifications in their Inbox alerting them when reports need to be reimbursed. 

As a note, the "reimburser" is also considered the actor if any automatic reimbursement is enabled for the policy if your policy is using the Manual Reimbursement threshold.

Note: If you are using Global Reimbursement, you will need to set up the policy before your employees can add their deposit account.

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