Deep Dive: Creating and editing expenses in bulk

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Don't get me wrong, the Expensify mobile app is handy, but if you're an in-office person sometimes you just want to use your computer to do some bulk-stuff! The good news is you can both create expenses in bulk and edit in bulk.

Creating Expenses in Bulk

You can do this a couple of different ways depending on what you need.

Got a pile of saved receipt images/PDFs to upload? Drag 'n' drop them onto your Expenses page in batches of 10. This will start the SmartScan process for all of them.

Want to create a bunch of future 'placeholder' expenses for your recurring expenses such as Internet bills or subscriptions which you don't have receipts for? Click New Expense > Create Multiple to quickly add a bunch of expenses in groups of 10.

Editing Expenses in Bulk

The Expenses page is hands-down my favourite tool in Expensify. I LOVE it. Not only can you filter and export expenses, but you can also bulk edit!

There are two main ways you can do this: In-line editing and select > Edit Multiple.

Inline editing is where you filter for the expenses you need to edit, then you click into the field you see on-screen to edit the contents one by one.

Edit multiple is great for when you need to apply coding to a stack of expenses at once, or to change similar expenses. For example, let's say that I have coded all my Internet bills wrong. Doh! I can filter by Merchant, and Open expenses and re-code them all:

Then, the trick is to only change what you need to, so in this example, I'm changing the Category only:

You can see that this Edit Multiple feature is brilliant for 'fixing' expenses in bulk. All of the elements in the above box can be altered in bulk. Perfect for when you suddenly realize you have been forgetting to check the 'reimbursable' box all week!

Editing Expenses in Bulk (from within a report)

If all the expenses you want to edit in bulk are already on a report, you can click Details > Edit to access the same bulk-editor as above!

Just check multiple expenses to bring up the button.

NB: Only Unreported and Open expenses can be edited. If you have submitted your report already, it's too late Ethel! You'll need to retract your report before editing.

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