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You can email us at [email protected] or send us an in-app message from the Help and Feedback (click your user icon to reveal this when using the web app), or 'Ask us anything' in the Help & Feedback section of the mobile app.

Please note: we respond to all customer questions as soon as we're able and in the order in which they were received!

Now, you may ask, “What can I do to get the best and quickest answers when writing into Expensify?” Good question! Here are the best guidelines to follow to help us help you:

  • If you're emailing, write to us from the email address associated with your Expensify account so we know where to look! 
  • Ask clear and specific questions, as well as provide specific examples (e.g., email addresses of affected users, report IDs, etc.) Since this is not a live chat, this will truly help us expedite the research of your issue and allow us to speak to any other teams that may be necessary to troubleshoot with you.
  • Finally, understand that we’re all trying to do our very best to help, so please be courteous, respectful, and patient.

A common question we get is, "Why don't you offer phone support?" We hear you! While we don't offer phone support, we've answered this question in detail in this article: Expensify's Support Methodology.

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