Deep Dive: Using the mobile app as an admin best practices

Rachael Hopkins
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If you're a Policy Admin, you will likely be using the web app first and foremost as it contains the most advanced features. But just like everyone else, there are things you may want to do 'on the go'.

Your Inbox

From your Inbox you can Final Approve reports and do Policy Setup via Inbox tasks, such as setting up Scheduled Submit and Concierge Report Approvals. You can also apply for the Expensify Card and enable cards from here.

The Task entitled "Here's the list of reports which need your attention" is the one you'll want to keep an eye on! You'll be able to both Approve and Reimburse from the mobile app which is super handy if you need to rush a report through while you're at the playground with the kids or out to dinner with your nearest and dearest!

Policy Settings

You can make a couple of basic changes to your Policy Settings from your 'Settings' tab such as changing the Report currency and editing Categories (if you're not connected to an accounting software).


One part of the mobile app which you may find very handy is the ability to message Concierge. It means you can use your own Expensify session in an uncluttered way and also walk over to a colleague with all Concierge's instructions on your phone!

Advanced Features:
Remember, the Mobile App is here to keep things simple and your web account is the best place to go for the more complicated stuff! If you're having trouble finding a feature in the Mobile app, it may be because it is a web feature, such as:

  • Managing and configuring your Policy settings
  • Using our filter settings on the Expenses and Reports pages
  • Managing your Domain
  • Reconciliation Dashboard
  • Viewing expenses and reports other than your own

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