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How-to: Set up a receipt or travel integration with Expensify

Sofie de VreeseSofie de Vreese Expensify Team Posts: 2 Expensify Team

Follow the below steps to allow for your business to auto-upload receipts to Expensify user accounts!

How do receipt integrations work?

  • An Expensify receipt integration allows for a merchant to directly upload receipts to a user’s Expensify account. All receipt integrations between a partner and Expensify are built on top of our [email protected] email forwarding and SmartScan features. When a merchant sends a receipt email to a user they cc: [email protected].  We receive the email and create a transaction in the account of the user based on the email address in the to: field.
  • A good example of this is our Uber integration.  You can create a free Expensify account then setup our Uber integration to view the functionality.

How to build your own receipt receipt integration:

  • Subject = “Receipt Integration Request"
  • Body = Include list of all email addresses the merchant sends email receipts from.
  • Within approximately 2 weeks we will white-list the email addresses and confirm by replying to your email.  You’ll then be able to cc [email protected] on receipt emails to users and transactions will be created in the users Expensify account.
  • Once we have confirmed the email addresses are white-listed you can test the integration, to do so:
    • Create an Expensify account at expensify.com. 
    • Send a receipt email to the email address you used to create your Expensify account and cc: [email protected]
    • Wait for the receipt to be SmartScanned, you will see the merchant, date and amount added to the transaction. 
  • Important considerations:
    • If a receipt emails contains an attachment (that’s not an .ics file), we will always default to SmartScanning the attachment.  We recommend sending emails without attachments.
    • You can have only one email address in the to: field and no other email addresses in the cc: field other than [email protected]

Once the integration is live, here’s how to promote it:

  • Create a dedicated landing page on your website (with Expensify branding as you see fit) to market the integration. At a minimum, we recommend including: A brief overview of how the integration works, the benefits of using the integration, an integration setup guide, and guidance for how someone can contact you for support or integration setup (if necessary).
  • Post about your integration in the Third Party Integrations section of the Expensify Community so fellow users can learn more about what you’ve built, ask questions, and leave feedback.
  • Promote the integration across your social media channels. Be sure to tag @expensify in your social content and use our hashtag. This will increase discovery and visibility with our audiences.

Additional notes and details:

  • Only send transaction data for purchases made on a card. We are unable to process reservations like hotel and car rental because they are paid at the end of usage.
  • Please use standardized three-letter currency codes (ISO 4217) where applicable.
  • There is not an option for API receipt integrations. 

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