Deep Dive: How to create a copyable monthly report template

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Do you have almost the same expenses every month, and just want to be able to copy them? Well, you can!

Go to your Reports page and simply check the box and click Copy. This will copy all of the expenses, but without receipt images.

If you prefer to have a standard template of certain expenses, here's how to create and use a template:

  1. Start in the Expensify web app at, on the Reports page
  2. Click New Report
  3. Give the report an easily searchable name
  4. Click the green '+' button to add an expense
  5. Click New Expense
  6. Select the kind of expense you want i.e. a regular expense, distance, time etc
  7. Enter the expense details, code and add any relevant description
  8. Save
  9. Repeat with all expenses you need

Pro Tip: If you use Scheduled Submit, put the Template Report on your Personal Policy to prevent it from accidentally submitting

Then... when you are ready to use it (e.g. the first of the month), check the box next to the report, Copy, and alter the name and Policy.

What kind of expenses would you use this for?

  • Gym allowances
  • Internet and phone allowances
  • Per Diems
  • Home office rent allowances
  • Mileage expenses e.g. consistent monthly trips

For all other recurring expenses, just forward your actual receipt to or SmartScan your receipts with the Expensify mobile app!

Note to Admins: Don't forget - if you don't need a receipt image for mileage, per diems or allowances, keep the category separate from other expense categories and add a 'receipt not required' rule under Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Categories.

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