How to: Duplicate an expense

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It is now an option to duplicate cash and mileage expenses on the web app!

First, let's chat about best practices when creating an expense

Before we dive into how to duplicate an expense, it's important to take a moment to review our best practice recommendations when creating an expense.

  • Stick to creating a new expense on the mobile or web app whenever possible (rather than duplicating).
  • We have tools to help you do this, you can SmartScanning a receipt, create mileage expenses in a variety of ways, and create a Per Diem expense.
  • Creating a new expense ensures all the details of the expense are accurate. You can rest assured the date, amount, tax, categories, tags, attendees and description are all accurate - this is important when your boss or accountant asks about your purchases.
  • We'd like you to think of duplicating an expense as an emergency resource - not a habit.
  • If you duplicate an expense - make sure to review the expense and add all the missing expense details needed to meet your policy rules.

How to duplicate an expense on the web app

  • Sign-in to your Expensify account on the web app and click on the Expenses page.
  • Use the filters at the top of the Expenses page to narrow down the location of the expense.
  • You'll have the option to duplicate an expense on the Expenses page.
  • Or, you can duplicate an expense on the expense details pop-up window.

What expense details are duplicated?

The new expense will have the same

  • Merchant Name
  • Amount