Deep Dive: Receive Company Bills in Expensify

Christina Dobryzynski
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Strengthen your back office by simplifying your pre-accounting process.

  • Make it easy to keep track of what’s paid, what’s due, and what’s late — all in one place!
  • Any vendor/supplier with or without an Expensify account can send you a bill.

1) Once you've created a bill in Expensify, the domain Primary Contact will receive the bill in their default group policy.

  • The Primary Domain Contact is the email address set at Settings > Domains > [Domain Name] > Domain Admins.
  • The default group policy is the one at Settings > Policies > Group with a green checkmark.
  • All Policy Admins, of the same default policy, will have access to the bill.

2) The invoice will be SmartScanned automatically.

3) The bill will be available on the primary contact's Reports page.

4) The bill will follow the primary contact's approval workflow.

Each time it's approved, it will be visible in the next approver's Inbox.

5) The final approver can Pay the bill from the Expensify web.

6) The bill can be coded with the imported GL codes from your connected accounting software and exported to your account software.

Along with the vendor bill, we'll create an associated vendor invoice. You can click the link at the top of the Bill to be routed to the associated invoice. Please note: The bill can only be paid.

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