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I am disappointed that you have once again modified the reporting to further limit expense report print options. When I first joined, I could print four receipts to a page, then your developers eliminated that option and only allowed for full-size (1 receipt per page) OR thumbnail size receipts; neither of which was ideal for my need. My accounting department requires legible receipts and cannot bother with opening each one of the thousands of receipts I submit within a year's time. This is a huge blow to my own productivity and counteracts the value of Expensify's receipt system. What options do I have to AGAIN submit my .pdf reports with full-sized or four receipts to a page copy again. HELP!


  • Nicole Mendonca
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    @MJ2005 thank you for getting in touch! If your accounting department requires legible receipts, can you elaborate why one receipt per page isn't a viable option here?

    Also, is there a specific reason why receipts/reports need to be printed in the first place? You can submit your reports directly to your accounting department so they can view your expenses and receipts from within Expensify, or you can email a PDF so they can access your expenses/receipts via PDF form.

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    Hi and thanks. Yes, something has been changed within the Report category that has affected the way I can print expense reports. Most concerning is that the option to choose "thumbnail" OR "full size" in the printing of the reports no longer seems available unless I am missing something.

    I cannot be for certain, but it seems there were some major changes in the report feature during the last few months of my inactivity.

    I would be most grateful to learn how I can once again use the full page printing feature to satisfy my accounting department and fulfill the purpose of my having an account with Expensify for so many years. Thank you!

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    @MJ2005 I can confirm that the feature for viewing thumbnails in reports has been removed since Sept 2020, along with the ability to print full page images of expenses. You can still view receipt images by clicking on them from within a report. Once you open an expense, you can quickly click through others in the report using the < > arrows at the top of the expense or the arrows on your keyboard. Alternately, you can download the report to PDF to see all of the receipt thumbnails.

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    My sincere apologies. My question and previously expressed disappointment was unwarranted. The Expensify Concierge dialogue provided me with the clarification needed and the guidance required. Here's what was provided by Concierge to correct my understanding. I'm pleased.

    FROM CONCIERGE: We've made some changes to the UI and removed the receipts/pictures thumbnail from the bottom of the reports. To view receipts, click each expense on the report or export to a PDF, where you’ll see full-page receipts by default.

    You can download a report and all receipt images as a PDF in the web app. To do this, open the report and click the Generate PDF button on the right-hand side of the page, under Detail. Here is a detailed guide.

    We have no current method to export receipt images outside of downloading a report. Some users have voted for this Idea in our Expensify Community. If this is a feature you would like to see, I recommend adding your vote!

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    So you can no longer print a report with full page reciepts? Quite a few are not legible when there are 6 to a page. Is there any way round this? The 'Idea' link above is not working.


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    Hi @EReg! You are correct; we don't have a method to include full receipt images when downloading a report as a pdf.

    The intention is that you can submit expense reports through the product, and the person who receives your report can view the images. So if you invite the person reviewing these expenses to Expensify and submit your expense reports to your admin/auditor/accountant within Expensify, they will have access to the receipt images within Expensify. If you need to export the report, you can enable Public Receipt Visibility and export the expenses, which will have a link to the expense image. Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

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    I am sending expense reports to outside organizations not using Expensify. They will not access the details of each receipt. It is essential for me to be reimbursed. They will not connect to Expensify, they will take the pdf as is. I will not be able to use Expensify if their functionality is not back. It was so easy before.

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    Hi @024fpt

    Sorry for any inconvenience. When downloading the report as a PDF, receipt images are not included.