Uber tips result in two separate CC charges, yet Expensify can't figure out how to match

richbolt Expensify Customer Posts: 6 Expensify Newcomer

When an Uber customer tips, the result is that two separate charges are made to the credit card: one for the ride/order, one for the tip. The receipt that comes from Uber breaks these two out into separate charges, but the total amount of the receipt is the sum of both charges.

Expensify reads this receipt as a single expense for the total amount showing on the receipt. These receipts then don't match to the credit card charges since there is no charge for the total amount. I'm left doing an absurd amount of manual work to fix things, I can either 1) load the receipt twice and link it to each charge, or 2) mark up the first charge to the full amount and leave a note on the second credit card charge for the tip to show it was resolved on the other charge.

Both of these solutions are simply terrible, and the admin burden to handle this is maddening. Right now I have 100 Uber receipts to deal with, and nearly all of them involve tips. This will literally take me HOURS to fix (and leave a rats nest behind afterwards), and while I've done it many times in the past I'm just incredibly frustrated when I think about doing it again right now.