Saving to Cloud and Scanning to Expensify--How do it quickly?

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Brand new to Expensify.

I want everything in the Cloud in addition to in Expensify, but it is time consuming to scan to Expensify and also save to Cloud. For emailing receipts, its an easy process, but not for scanning into the app. Is there an easier way to do this?

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  • Zany Renney
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    Hi @MariaG

    Welcome to Expensify.

    Here's what I recommend for new users:

    Self-paced learning:

    Training videos:

    • Admin Onboarding will help to increase your knowledge of Expensify setup and administration.

    In regards to the uploading to the cloud as well as Expensify, Expensify is typically used as the central place for Expenses. You can then download your reports to the cloud if you desire, but typically users follow this workflow:

    1. Take photo of receipt
    2. Upload to Expensify
    3. Add expense to report (or get it auto-added if set up in this way)
    4. Action report (submit to approver, export to accounting software... etc)

    Could you clarify what your workflow is so I can best advise? I also highly recommend checking out the resources that I have listed above for the optimal workflow to use and set up to create in Expensify.