My expenses auto submitted, how do I stop that? Is it Scheduled Submit?

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How do I stop the Expense from being sent automatically?

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    Hi @JohnParr, welcome to the Community and thanks for posting!

    It sounds like you're using Scheduled Submit, which can be configured to automatically add expenses to a report and submit the report based on your preferred frequency.

    Scheduled Submit can be set up at the personal level or at the company policy level. To access the settings at the personal level, please navigate to your Settings > Policies > Individual > click on [Personal] > Reports tab. (Below)

    If it is enabled at the company policy level, a policy admin will need to be consulted and I recommend reaching out to your admin for more information.

    If any reports have submitted early, you should be able to retract or reopen them back into an Open state for editing. If you have problems with this, let me know!

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