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How to: Enable Scheduled Submit for a group policy

Ariel GreenAriel Green Posts: 72Expensify Team Expensify Team
edited January 2 in How-tos

Scheduled Submit can be enabled on the individual policy level or on the group policy level. If Scheduled Submit is disabled on the group policy level (or set to a manual frequency), then a user's individual policy settings will take effect.

To enable Scheduled Submit on your group policy:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy Name] > Reports > Scheduled Submit.*
  2. Use the toggle to enable Scheduled Submit.
  3. Choose your desired frequency.

*If you're unable to access this page, then you are not a Policy Admin. Please reach out to a Policy Admin for help.

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  • XL_SeanXL_Sean Posts: 2Expensify Customer
    I have the Scheduled Submit setup at the group level, and it's automatically creating them and submitting them. But according to this, it will "hold back" expenses with policy violations and notify the employee to correct. But it's not, it's submitting them, even with policy violations and I'm having to reject and send back to employees and it's causing all sorts of issues. What am I missing?
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