Granite Partners: Expensify Admin Resources

Stephanie Elliot
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Video Overview

This short video goes over how to configure your policy, manage employees, review and approve reports, and configure personal settings.

Watch the video: Granite Partners: Expensify Admin Overview

Here are some helpful points in the video if you'd like to skip ahead:

  • 0:05: What is a policy?
  • 2:00: Assigning user roles
  • 2:35: Setting expense guidelines
  • 4:35: Setting report guidelines
  • 7:00: Categories and Tags
  • 8:40: Using the Expenses page
  • 10:05: Using the Reports page
  • 11:50: Setting the approval workflow
  • 13:25: Reviewing and approving reports
  • 16:55: Adding a Copilot
  • 17:30: Adding a bank account


Other helpful resources

If you're ready to get started implementing some of the features in the video, here are some resources to help you along the way:

Setting expense and report guidelines on the policy: 

Setting expense and report guidelines on the policy: 

Expense coding: 

Managing People: 

Managing Expenses and Reports: 

Configuring Personal settings: 


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