Deep Dive: Best practices for reimbursing reports

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Before we dive into best practices, it's important to note o
nlyPolicy Admin who has added a business bank account to their Expensify account will be able to reimburse employees.
There are three primary options when it comes to Expensify reimbursements. 
  1. Direct reimbursement - Expensify helps create a reimbursement batch payment (ABA) file for external reimbursement
  2. Indirect reimbursement - Reimbursements are initiated and completed outside of Expensify
  3. Reimbursement outside of Expensify - Employees are never reimbursed for expenses
Direct reimbursement is available for US and Australian businesses. Indirect reimbursement is available for all US and international businesses. We also offer Global Reimbursement options for users with bank accounts in USD, CAD, AUD and EUR.

Best Practices 

  • Plan ahead! Consider sharing a business bank account with multiple policy admins so they can reimburse employee reports if you're on vacation. We recommend having at least two policy admins with reimbursement permissions. 
  • Understand there is a verification process when sharing a business bank account. The new reimburser will need to have access to the business bank account transaction history (or access to someone who has access to it) so they can verify 2 deposits and 1 withdrawal that Expensify will send to verify the account. 
  • Consider setting up automatic reimbursement. With this configured, reports below a certain threshold (defined by you) will be automatically reimbursed via ACH as soon as they've been Final Approved!
  • New Employees: Get in the routine of having every new employee connect a Deposit-Only Bank Account to their Expensify account. This will ensure there is no delay in getting reimbursed. 
  • 'When will I get paid?': Employees can see the expected date of reimbursement at the top of every Reimbursed report and in the Comments section of a report. 

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