Deep Dive: What is a secondary login and when you’d use it

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Big Picture
Expensify can be used in a variety of ways. Some choose to use it to manage personal expenses while others are invited to join a company group policy. Whatever situation, it's important to know you have the option to use multiple emails to sign in to your Expensify account. 

Here are some scenarios when a secondary login might be helpful
  • Your employer invites you to use Expensify but you don't want to have your work email on your mobile device.
  • You've updated your name and now you have two personal email addresses.
  • You have several different work emails because you're a contractor.
  • You have your Uber business account linked to a different email address other than what you are currently using in Expensify. 
  • You can't let go of the email address you created in college - those discounted alumni tickets are worth it!
When you can't add a secondary login

You can only add a secondary login if it is not linked to an Expensify account. If you use two email addresses and both have Expensify accounts linked to them, you'll need to merge the two accounts, instead.  

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