Deep Dive: Using Scheduled Submit with company cards

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Do you know about our Scheduled Submit feature? With it, we've taken the stress out of reporting company card expenses.

What is Scheduled Submit?

Most users will have Scheduled Submit enabled by their company admin - meaning all transactions will be automatically added to a report and submitted on your behalf by Concierge in line with the company timeframe. If this isn't the case, you can either:

Why do I have multiple reports?

When using Scheduled Submit, Concierge will not automatically submit (and approve) expenses on reports which contain Expense Violations. These will be moved to a new report creating an extra report for the current reporting period.

How does my company want them submitted?

Your company admins will have put in place a set of "Policy Rules" that mirror the company expense policy.  These will flag as Expense Violations for you to fix before they can be Approved.

Anything that requires an action from you to bring your current expenses in line with the company policy will be flagged in your Inbox.

What does my finance team want from me?

Most finance departments will want all company card transactions submitted with a corresponding receipt merged into the expense, with no violations or confusion about these expenses. (You can always alleviate any confusion by making use of the Expense Comment field or add a comment to the bottom of the report).

They will need to be able to reconcile all of your credit card purchases in Expensify with their monthly statement from the bank. Expensify has a great tool called the Reconciliation Dashboard to help them with this task.

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