Deep Dive: What does merging accounts do and when would you use it

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Why would you merge an account?

Accidentally create two Expensify accounts? Did your company create a new account for you to track business expenses but you already had your own account? No problem - you can merge your accounts together in no time!

What does it do?

Once you merge accounts you're essentially combining the two accounts meaning all receipts, expenses, expense reports, invoices, bills, imported cards, secondary logins, co-pilots, and group policy settings will be combined into one account. 

There are a few important things to note though:
  • Are the emails you're trying to merge under two different Domains? If both Domains are verified, this can't be done.
  • If you are trying to merge two email addresses and one is on a verified domain, you will need to merge the email address from the verified domain account. E.g. is on a verified domain, is not verified: you will need to log in to and merge into
  • Email addresses under the same domain with the Domain verified can be merged after one Expensify account is made for each email address. You should reach out to your domain admin to make sure they invite both email addresses as Domain members.
  • Policy Admins: emails and phone numbers are tied to expense policies, and because of this, the policy workflow may be affected if you are merging with an admin account. Please check the workflow of your expense policies after the merge to make sure the correct email or phone number is listed!
Now, the most important thing you need to remember is this is permanent, so if you're not completely sure if you want to combine accounts - avert your eyes now! The next part is only for those that are ready to take the plunge to merge forever!

If you've come this far and you want to go ahead and merge accounts, jump over to our How-to: Merge two accounts doc and follow four easy steps.  

If you still need help, why not see if someone in the Community can help! Otherwise, shoot us a message on

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