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The Company Card Administration Webinar

This covers:

  • Prerequisites: what you'll need to administer company cards within Expensify 
  • Configuring your Company Card connection 
  • Automation and Company Cards 
  • Reconciling Company Card expenses using the Reconciliation Dashboard 
  • Editing expenses on behalf of employees 
  • Troubleshooting your card connection 
  • Getting in touch with Expensify 

Prerequisites: what you'll need to administer company cards within Expensify 

In order to import, assign and centrally manage cards within the Expensify, you'll need: 

✅ a Control OR a Collect Policy (Please note that the video mentions that you will need a Control policy plan, but you will have access to company card settings with either of the Group plans - Control and Collect.)

✅ to be a Domain Admin For unvalidated domains, you need to have an email under the domain to administer company cards. If you are an accountant with an external email address, you will need to validate the domain in order to become a domain admin.

✅ a Commercial Card Feed or Direct Bank Connection 

👌 Pro-Tip: Expensify offers two ways to connect to your bank: a Commercial Card Feed (recommended), or a Direct Bank Connection. If you have a corporate or commercial card account then you may be able to access a transaction feed where expenses are sent daily to Expensify by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Contact your banking relationship manager to see if your card program is eligible.

Need more information on enabling Domain Control or a Commercial Card Feed? Check out these help docs for step-by-step instructions! 

⬆️ Taking control of your domain

💳 Commercial Card Feed: Visa (VCF)

💳 Commercial Card Feed: Mastercard (CDF)

💳 Commercial Card Feed: American Express (GL1025)

🔗 Company Cards: import via direct bank connection 

Configuring your Company Card Connection 

Once the connection has been established for your company cards, you can assign the cards to domain members so that employees' expenses will begin importing directly into their accounts. You'll also have the opportunity to configure the liability type and reimbursable preference: 

Liability type

  • Corporate liability: Users are not allowed to delete company card expenses
  • Personal liability: Users are allowed to delete company card expenses

Reimbursable preference

Here you can control the reimbursable flagging for your employees' company card expenses.

  • Force Yes will mark all expenses as reimbursable (i.e. payable back to the employee) and the employee will not be able to change this
  • Force No will mark all expenses as non-reimbursable (i.e. not payable back to the employee) will not be able to change this
  • Do Not Force will default expenses to either reimbursable or non-reimbursable (whichever you select) but will allow employees the ability to change if needed

Check out our community articles to learn more about managing company cards in Expensify! 

⚙️ Company Cards: assign, unassign and update cards

🗂 Company Cards: managing card preferences

📓 Company Cards: Cardholder 101 

Automation and Company Cards 

Once your company card program is connected to Expensify and cards are assigned to employees' accounts, you'll be able import company card expenses, merge the imported expenses with the associated cash receipts,  categorize, report and approve those expenses - all without manual work on your end! 

Here are the features we recommend for the ideal flow: 

✅ SmartScan: ask employees to SmartScan their receipts

✅ Default Categorization: automatically code expenses based on the Merchant Category Code (MCC) to associate that expense with the proper GL account.

✅ Default Report Title: configure your policy's default report title to view important details at a glance

✅ Scheduled Submit: enable policy-level Scheduled Submit  to automatically create and submit employees' expenses

✅ Concierge Report Approval: set up Concierge Report Approval to automatically approve reports which fall within your policy's rules

💡Feature Spotlight: Default Categorization

If you are importing company card card transactions, Default Categorization can automatically code expenses to the proper GL.

Once configured it will detect the type of merchant based on its Merchant Category Code (MCC) and associate that expense with the proper GL account as configured in your policy. This is a massive time saver and will give admins the peace of mind that expenses being submitted for approval are reliably associated with the correct GL account. 

Having trouble with SmartScan or expense merging? Check out these help docs for step-by-step instructions! 

✏️ Creating, editing and deleting expenses

🔍 Troubleshooting: receipt merge issues

🔖 SmartScanning and uploading Receipts

📠 SmartScan 101 

Reconciling Company Card Expenses using the Reconciliation Dashboard

Reconciling your company cards has never been easier! Expensify helps you to confirm your statement amount, see which employees have outstanding expenses and ensure all expenses are processed in a timely manner.

To match your company card statement to Expensify, simply plug in your statement dates into the Reconciliation Dashboard and click Run

  • Total will display the total of all expenses imported to Expensify for that particular card during the statement period. 
  • Unapproved Total will display the total of imported expenses which are Unreported or on Open or Processing reports. You can click into either the Total or Unapproved Total to see a list of those expenses. 

Editing Expenses on Behalf of Employees 

The Reconciliation Dashboard will show that all expenses were imported and approved - the Total should match your company card statement that period, and the Unapproved Total column should show 0.

But if you're not quite there, not to worry! Admins can perform a number of actions on behalf of a cardholder: 

  • Undelete deleted company card expenses via Reconciliation Dashboard (must be a Domain Admin)
  • Add Unreported company card expenses to an existing report or a new report (must be a Domain Admin)
  • Add or modify expense coding including Category, Tag(s) and Attendees
  • Add a receipt to an expense, if one doesn't already exist
  • Move card expenses between Open (Unsubmitted) reports
  • Merge duplicate expenses (providing both are not card transactions) 
  • Change the policy of a report

To reconcile the unapproved transactions, simply click into the Unapproved Total for each card to modify, code and report those expenses to bring the Unapproved Total to zero!

Troubleshooting your card connection 

Having trouble connecting, or did your company card stop importing expenses? Check out these help docs for troubleshooting steps! 

👌 Pro-Tip: Having trouble locating a posted company card expense within Expensify? Try updating your company cards by selecting the Update all cards button on the Company Cards page to pull in the most recent transactions. When locating the expense on your Expenses page, make sure your filters are set appropriately so that you are not excluding the missing expense from your search. 

Get in Touch 

Finding that you need some assistance to get your account set up just right? We can help! Expensify offers several support platforms to get you the help you need. 

  • If you'd like to see the recording of the Employee/User Training Webinar you can find it in the Webinars category on the Community!
  • You can access our help docs on the Community. Check out the How-to, Deep Dive, and FAQ categories. Here, you can find help docs that provide step-by-step instructions for pretty much anything in your account, as well as troubleshooting guides. 
  • Concierge does more than guide you through report review and walks you through policy setup - it's also an Expensify expert! Concierge has the answers to Expensify users' most frequently asked questions and she is always available to help. You can email Concierge and the Success Team at concierge@expensify.com, or send a message through the Expensify mobile app. We'll do our best to respond to you as soon as possible!